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First Visit

What to expect with your child’s first visit to our Century City, CA dentist

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, or the “AAPD,” recommends that infants should have their first visit to a pediatric dentist by 12 months old. The idea of having a fussy infant visit the dentist might seem strange, but it is one of the best ways to get children off on the right foot with good oral health habits and hygiene.

How should I prepare for my child’s first visit to the dentist?

The thought of bringing a young child to the dentist for the first time sounds like a stressful time, but it is not. Below are a few tips recommended by Dr. Meredith Levine to make this initial appointment simple and seamless!

  • Leave siblings at home. Other children in the office might distract the child or parent, so it is best to leave them at home whenever possible during this first visit.
  • Bring another adult. Sometimes, having an extra hand makes trips like this easier for both parent and child, especially since one adult can keep the infant soothed if the other has questions for the dentist.
  • Pay close attention to the language used when describing the dental visit. Older children who are having their first appointment should have a positive expectation when they visit the dentist, so avoid language that might be negative or threatening such as “needles,” “drilling,” or “bleeding.” These can set the tone before the visit even starts.
  • Explain what will happen. Talk your child through what to expect during their visit. There are several children’s books available that talk about a child’s first dental visit and uses positive language which is helpful in encouraging children to attend their appointment.
  • Use positive phrases. Talk about how the dentist will help them keep their smile healthy and beautiful, avoiding any scary words or phrases that might seem intimidating.

Ready to have your child seen by a dental professional in the Century City, CA area, or curious when to schedule their first dental visit?

Connect with Dr. Meredith Levine and her team at 2080 Century Park East by calling (424) 358-3811 and scheduling your child’s first dental visit. This appointment is a great time for parents to learn about ways to keep their children’s teeth and gums healthy while ensuring the right foundation for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles! Our professionals are here to help both new and established patients and families with their dental care needs, whether it be pediatric care, restorative dentistry, or cosmetic solutions.