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Composite Fillings

Dr. Meredith Levine offers composite fillings for Century City, CA patients

Cavities, also referred to as tooth decay, are areas of the natural tooth enamel that has been damaged. These areas of decay can leave behind holes in the enamel. While mild, shallow cavities can be monitored over time for progression and sometimes reversed with the use of fluoride products for remineralization, deeper cavities need to be addressed with fillings to keep them from becoming more damaging to the smile. At the practice of Dr. Meredith Levine in Century City, California, patients can enjoy tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin.

What is a composite filling?

Dr. Meredith Levine describes the composite filling as a tooth colored restoration used to address areas of decay. The doctor can explain to patients how to fill a dental cavity with a filling, which is done in a single appointment. The filling keeps a cavity from spreading and getting deeper or wider. The composite filling is a resin-like material that blends in with the natural tooth structure for discreet treatment of cavities.

Can you eat after a composite filling?

Dr. Meredith Levine will educate patients on the aftercare instructions they should follow having a composite filling placed.

Is a composite filling safe?

When compared to other materials used in the past and still today by certain dental practices, composite fillings are extremely safe versus silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam is made of over 50% mercury, a toxic substance to the human body. This can cause mercury toxicity and other complications for the patient. Composite fillings are not only safe, but they do not expand, and contract as silver amalgam fillings do, keeping the tooth sealed and protected. They are also much more aesthetic.

Have you been diagnosed with cavities?

If you have been told that you have a cavity, consider composite fillings, which can restore the smile in a more aesthetic way than traditional silver amalgam fillings. Contact Dr. Meredith Levine’s front office team by calling (424) 358-3811 and visiting the practice at 2080 Century Park East. We are here to help patients with their dental needs with comprehensive services for new and returning patients and families.