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Dental Exams & Teeth Cleanings

Enjoy dental examinations and teeth cleanings at Century City, CA dental practice

The American Dental Association recommends patients visit their dentist at least every six months. During these recall appointments, patients will undergo an evaluation with their dentist as well as receive a cleaning from the dental hygienist. These appointments are critical to ensuring a healthy smile, as they allow a professional to monitor for potential issues including gum disease and tooth decay. At the practice of Dr. Meredith Levine, patients are encouraged to visit regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What happens during a routine dental visit?

  • Professional teeth cleaning. During a dental cleaning, also referred to as prophylaxis, the dental hygienist will provide plaque and tartar removal that cannot be done at home. The dental hygienist will also provide dental scaling to remove calculus that may have become hard on the natural tooth enamel. With this deep cleaning, the dental hygienist can also look for areas of concern within the smile to bring to the dentist’s attention during the physical evaluation.
  • Physical evaluation. During a physical evaluation with Dr. Meredith Levine, she will look for any signs of problems that might need to be brought to the patient’s attention. She will examine existing restorations such a fillings and crowns to look for breakage or loose restoration and will examine the tooth surfaces to check for decay. The gums and bone around the teeth will be evaluated for any signs of periodontal disease or oral cancer.
  • Digital imaging. During the first visit to the dentist, our team will always take dental x-rays to get a good idea of a patient’s current oral health status. X-rays are not done at every appointment after but may be done routinely to monitor oral health. If patients are preparing for certain procedures such as dental implants, x-rays are taken to determine candidacy and plan the placement.

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