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Dental X-Rays

Advanced dental x rays support accurate diagnoses for effective and prompt treatment in Century City, CA

State-of-the-art technology at the practice of Dr. Meredith Levine is about more than chasing the latest “shiny object.” Our investments in technology are designed to support the most precise, convenient, comfortable, pleasant, safe, and efficient treatment possible for our patients in and around Century City, CA. We depend on accurate diagnostics to determine the true nature of any symptoms that you may be experiencing and underlying conditions that may be present. A proper diagnosis aids in the development of an effective treatment plan. So, advanced diagnostic technologies, such as digital dental x-rays, represent money well spent.

The digital x-rays difference

Conventional x-rays or radiography use film to take and create images of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures. Dr Meredith Levine and her team are skilled at identifying and pinpointing potential problems and abnormalities. However, the naked eye and visual inspection can only do so much. X-rays help to visualize what we cannot see with our eyes alone. As an alternative to traditional radiographs, digital x-rays use special sensors and plates to render tissues’ images. And see those hidden areas where problems such as decay may lurk and go unnoticed for a long time (because so many early-stage oral conditions are asymptomatic or “silent”). Patients appreciate digital radiography because it is:

  • Safe (minimizes radiation exposure)
  • Fast
  • Non-invasive
  • Gentle
  • Produces clear images
  • Images may be enlarged or adjusted, so we can better evaluate oral problems
  • Environmentally friendly (eliminates the need for film, chemicals used in processing film)

We also enjoy the ability to pull the images up on a monitor and show, rather than merely tell, our patients about their mouths. We believe that this makes them better and more informed consumers of their health care. They are better equipped to make treatment decisions that are in their best interests and well-suited to their personal preferences and needs.

Sophisticated diagnostics don’t end there

Digital x-rays are just the start and only provide a partial picture of the technological advancements that characterize our state-of-the-art office. These expansive images help us to clearly and completely see all the teeth, the upper and lower jaws, sinuses, and other structures. We can better pinpoint conditions like impacted wisdom teeth, bony irregularities, and tumors. Intraoral cameras also present a non-invasive way to get detailed images of your teeth, which can be adjusted and shared with you. We also use other sophisticated aids to support proactive and accurate diagnoses and comfortable and effective treatment.

Patients in Century City and in nearby areas of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West LA, Westwood, Brentwood, and West Hollywood are encouraged to contact us today at (424) 358-3811 to schedule their exam at our office located at 2080 Century Park East.